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Weekly Photo Challenge: Elemental


A bench by the St-Lawrence River in Prescott, Ontario. It was very windy that day. Sitting down to watch the beautiful scenery was a sure way to get soaked!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Danger

OxfordMillsDam Danger!

There were many overflowing dams in Eastern Ontario and Quebec. This is one, in Oxford Mills, is small compared to the others. Still, the current is strong, and dangerous.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflecting


Casting shadows

Spring 2015

My winter hiatus is over. I know there are beautiful photo opportunities in the winter, but I’m just not fond of the cold. My first photography outing was in my yard. Here’s a gorgeous tree. I loved how the shadows were casted. Last year, the water level was quite high as this tree found itself surrounded by the river. So far this year, the water of the South Nation River in Ontario has been quite low.

The Natural World

Patterns in a stream

Patterns in a stream

I found myself standing on a bridge, waiting for cars to go by. There was a stream underneath the bridge. It had a good current for one so small. I thought it make a cool pattern in the foliage.

Floating dock

Seagulls on a dock

Seagulls on a dock

There’s a floating dock at the Iroquois, Ontario beach. The beach was vacant, aside from the seagulls enjoying the private use of the dock. In the background, you see the St Lawrence River dam.


Lifeguard chair

Vacant lifeguard chair

A vacant lifeguard chair found at the Iroquois, Ontario beach.

Dark skies dark waters


Fountain Showers


All Aboard!