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Weekly Photo Challenge: Elemental


A bench by the St-Lawrence River in Prescott, Ontario. It was very windy that day. Sitting down to watch the beautiful scenery was a sure way to get soaked!

Lifeguard Chair

lifeguard chair

Lifeguard chair found in Morrisburg, Ontario

This lifeguard chair is found by the St Lawrence River in Morrisburg, Ontario. I have this penchant for photography a lone object. It doesn’t matter if it’s a barn, a tree, a house, or this chair. 🙂

This old dock


Dock at the St Lawrence River in Morrisburg

This dock is found at the St Lawrence River beach in Morrisburg, Ontario. In the summer, it’s covered by a newer floating dock.



Not a good day for one of these seagulls.

Day 13 of Photography 101, capture a moment. Here’s one that shows that not every bird has a good day. The photo was taken at the beach in Iroquois, Ontario off of the St Lawrence River.



Battle of the Windmill

Onto day 7 of Photography 101. This is my point of view of the historical site of the Battle of the Windmill which started on November 12, 1838 and ended four days later. For those interested, more information can be found on Parks Canada website,



Connect, by boat or bridge.

Day 6 of Photography 101 focuses on the interpretation of ‘Connect’. I was reluctant to post a photo of a bridge as it seemed cliché. That said, this photo depicts two modes of connecting, by bridge and by boat. I’m actually standing ride beside the Ogdensburg-Prescott International Bridge. The bridge was completed in 1960 and is actually in Johnstown, Ontario.


Morrisburg, Ontario

Solitude at the Morrisburg, Ontario docks.

These benches at the Morrisburg, Ontario docks are always occupied in the summer. They overlook the St Lawrence river and the view is amazing. Today, it was very windy and cold. I had all the benches to myself. I sat down for a bit, and watched the CSL Niagara ship go by.

Floating dock

Seagulls on a dock

Seagulls on a dock

There’s a floating dock at the Iroquois, Ontario beach. The beach was vacant, aside from the seagulls enjoying the private use of the dock. In the background, you see the St Lawrence River dam.


Lifeguard chair

Vacant lifeguard chair

A vacant lifeguard chair found at the Iroquois, Ontario beach.

Birds at the beach


Aside from the birds and geese, the beach was vacant. These three just happened to line up…well almost. The photo was taken in Iroquois, Ontario.