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Little bird house

Little bird house found on the side of the South Nation River at the Spencerville dam.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Motion


Geese taking flight


Every spring I have hundreds of geese in my backyard. It’s a beautiful sight to see them take flight from the South Nation River. They will likely stick around until late spring, then will return in the fall. They are so talkative. Lol! I don’t mind though. I find it very relaxing.


The neighbour's dog.

I purchased a new telephoto lens yesterday. I was in my back yard when I saw the neighbour’s dog roaming along the river. I was able to photograph him from such a distance that he was oblivious to my presence. Next up will be the geese!

Casting shadows

Spring 2015

My winter hiatus is over. I know there are beautiful photo opportunities in the winter, but I’m just not fond of the cold. My first photography outing was in my yard. Here’s a gorgeous tree. I loved how the shadows were casted. Last year, the water level was quite high as this tree found itself surrounded by the river. So far this year, the water of the South Nation River in Ontario has been quite low.

Travelling ice


It melts. It freezes. It melts. It freezes again. That’s what the Eastern Ontario weather has been like lately.