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Posts from the ‘Weekly Photo Challenge’ Category

Weekly Photo Challenge: Motion


Geese taking flight


Every spring I have hundreds of geese in my backyard. It’s a beautiful sight to see them take flight from the South Nation River. They will likely stick around until late spring, then will return in the fall. They are so talkative. Lol! I don’t mind though. I find it very relaxing.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Shadowed


My shadow on an unfinished canvas.


My hair is pinned up and in a mess. It’s post workout hair after all. I have my cell phone. I see my funny shadow on a unfinished canvas that has been sitting in my art room. I ignored the canvas, but took this photo.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Warmth


Candles in muffin tins.


This is how I like to carry candles, in muffin tins. Obviously, these candles won’t provide me with warmth per se, but they do provide warm light.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Converge

Train tracks

Train tracks in the countryside of Alexandria, Ontario.


They never really meet, but the illusion is such. When I read the word converge, train tracks are the first things I thought of. This photo was taken this summer in the Alexandria, Ontario countryside.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Angular


Underside of the gazebo rooftop at Hog’s Back Park in Ottawa, Ontario


Here’s a photo of the underside of the gazebo rooftop at Hog’s Back Park in Ottawa, Ontario. I thought the circles and angles were an interesting combination. To shoot this, I was lying down on the ground, using an 18mm focal length.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Minimalist


I took this photo in Mont Tremblant, Quebec. In the winter, I’m sure there will be plenty of people standing by the chairlift. In the summer though, this family looks so isolated.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Descent


Summer photo of a ski hill at Mont Tremblant, Quebec.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Adventure


I’m driving. I see this sign. I know that I have my camera with me. There’s no way that I’m going to resist this adventure.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Dialogue

I’m standing on top of a hill taking a photo of a woman who…


…is taking a photo in the direction that this man is coming from.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Fray


Frayed material around window frames seen at a local barn in Chesterville, Ontario.