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Morrisburg, Ontario

Solitude at the Morrisburg, Ontario docks.

These benches at the Morrisburg, Ontario docks are always occupied in the summer. They overlook the St Lawrence river and the view is amazing. Today, it was very windy and cold. I had all the benches to myself. I sat down for a bit, and watched the CSL Niagara ship go by.

Country driving

Country driving

Country driving

Day 4 of Photography 101 is to publish a photo that represents bliss. One of the things that brings me the most joy is hopping in the car with my camera gear, bottle of water, music blasting, and driving around in the country to take photos. There are days that I don’t get very far from home. Something peaks my interest and I can stay in one area for hours. Other times, I drive hours away and may only take a few photos. Regardless, I always find those days relaxing, blissful.

Floating dock

Seagulls on a dock

Seagulls on a dock

There’s a floating dock at the Iroquois, Ontario beach. The beach was vacant, aside from the seagulls enjoying the private use of the dock. In the background, you see the St Lawrence River dam.


Lifeguard chair

Vacant lifeguard chair

A vacant lifeguard chair found at the Iroquois, Ontario beach.



My mucky street. It’s no surprise why my car is always covered in mud this time of year. There are also no street lights, hence why this is the pedestrian recommended dress code. 🙂



The great thing about going home is walking through the door.