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Posts from the ‘Art’ Category

Weekly Photo Challenge: Gone, but not forgotten

dried flower

Dried flower in the garden.

Gone, But Not Forgotten

From a summer flower, to a fall weed. Gone, but not forgotten are the garden summer flowers. ‘Til next year!

Just a desk lamp


Just my desk lamp. Just the light that brightens my book. Just enough for me to read.

Liquid flower


Funky yellow flower


Digital art…Flying over the barn


This is a photo of yet another local barn. I digitally enhanced this photo using Corel PaintShop ProX5. In the end, I find that it looks more like a drawing than a photo. I was really happy to capture the Canadian Geese flying over it. For me, it’s such an indication of spring!

Digital art…My mom’s vase

The first photo I took with my new cellphone. Edited using Corel PaintShop Pro X5.

Digital art…This way


A little fun with Corel PaintShop Pro X5.

Digital art…Blue moonlight


I was going through some photos and had completely forgotten about this one. The original photo was actually taken during the day. I edited it using what is now an old version of Photoshop back in 2007.

Digital art…Red barn

Red bard

I have driven in front of this red barn many times. One day, I stopped.

Digital art…River Reflections

A view from my yard. A quiet river, perfect for kayaking! Photo edited using Corel and Adobe.