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Weekly Photo Challenge: Intricate

St Albert Cheese Factory

St Albert Cheese Factory, Ontario.


The St Albert Cheese Co-op was founded in 1894 in St. Albert, Ontario. It’s well known for making the best cheese curds. Us Canadians are known for our poutine, and nothing makes it better than these curds. In February 2013, a fire burnt the factory down. It has since been rebuilt. There’s now an observation deck where you can view the cheese production. I thought intricate was appropriate to represent the equipment required in the manufacturing process.

Lifeguard Chair

lifeguard chair

Lifeguard chair found in Morrisburg, Ontario

This lifeguard chair is found by the St Lawrence River in Morrisburg, Ontario. I have this penchant for photography a lone object. It doesn’t matter if it’s a barn, a tree, a house, or this chair. 🙂

This old dock


Dock at the St Lawrence River in Morrisburg

This dock is found at the St Lawrence River beach in Morrisburg, Ontario. In the summer, it’s covered by a newer floating dock.