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Weekly Photo Challenge: Yellow


An old truck with a yellow shovel.


This old truck can be seen close to the Prescott, Ontario locks.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Twinkle


Many a drops on branches.

Water drops on branches are so beautiful. I like how they just seem to be hanging on. There would likely be a bigger twinkle if they froze, but I would rather not live that weather phenomenon!



Stenciled words found in the tunnel at Hog’s Back Park, Ottawa, Ontario.

I was out taking photos in Hog’s Back Park in Ottawa, Ontario. I came across these words spray painted in the tunnel, ‘Accept that life is beautiful, and get on with it’. I thought the words were in great contrast to the peeling paint on the walls. Still, these words feel true, and I wanted to share with all of you.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Gone, but not forgotten

dried flower

Dried flower in the garden.

Gone, But Not Forgotten

From a summer flower, to a fall weed. Gone, but not forgotten are the garden summer flowers. ‘Til next year!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Converge

Train tracks

Train tracks in the countryside of Alexandria, Ontario.


They never really meet, but the illusion is such. When I read the word converge, train tracks are the first things I thought of. This photo was taken this summer in the Alexandria, Ontario countryside.