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Weekly Photo Challenge: Angular


Underside of the gazebo rooftop at Hog’s Back Park in Ottawa, Ontario


Here’s a photo of the underside of the gazebo rooftop at Hog’s Back Park in Ottawa, Ontario. I thought the circles and angles were an interesting combination. To shoot this, I was lying down on the ground, using an 18mm focal length.

A little bit of country


A little bit of North Dundas, Ontario landscape.

Day 15 of Photography 101: Landscape. This photo was taken in North Dundas County in Eastern Ontario. The tree caught my eye. When I stopped to photograph it, I saw the barn. Well, needless to say, I was a very happy country girl.

Photography 101: Swarm


Canadian geese in my yard.

Day 14 of Photography 101, theme is Swarm. This is a photo taken a few years ago of the Canadian geese in my yard. They visit by the hundreds every spring and fall. They are very messy, and very chatty!



Not a good day for one of these seagulls.

Day 13 of Photography 101, capture a moment. Here’s one that shows that not every bird has a good day. The photo was taken at the beach in Iroquois, Ontario off of the St Lawrence River.

Work light

Work light

Hanging work light in the shed

There are some days that I’ll drive hours in the country to take photos. This photo of a hanging work light was taken in my shed. Yes, I had my camera with me to get something in the shed! Lol!

Mechanical Architecture


Mechanical architecture of a ski lift.

Onto Day 12 of Photography 101 where we post a photo representing architecture. It’s a topic that is so vast. There are so many choices. I’m choosing mechanical architecture. There’s something about knowing and seeing how things work that just appeals to me. This photo is part of the mechanics of a ski lift in Mont Tremblant, Quebec.

Little tree, big tree


Trees in a close by field

Another photo from yesterday’s drive. Photos of trees in a field might be overdone, but I still enjoy those shots. As such, they will certainly not be my last to post! 🙂

Old barn


Old local barn

I find broken down barns interesting to shoot. Each one is unique, with it’s own history. Here’s another find during my last country drive. It was snowing a bit, hence the white spots you might see.

Snowy Day


Snowy day in the country.

Today was the first snowy day in North Dundas County, Ontario. I was driving around looking for interesting shots. I came across this field, and in the background were these bright orange trees. The snow wasn’t sticking to the ground, so it made the grass look greener than what it actually was. I liked the contrast of colors. I chose this photo for Day 11 of Photography 101: a Pop of Color.



Locked door.

When I visited the Windmill Historical site in Prescott, Ontario, they had two locks on the door. This was one them.