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A musician playing at the Wanderlust yoga festival in Mont Tremblant, Quebec.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Dialogue

I’m standing on top of a hill taking a photo of a woman who…


…is taking a photo in the direction that this man is coming from.


Plane up in the sky


I was taking photos of the Rideau Canal in Smiths Falls, Ontario when this airplane flew by. I just took the shot and hoped for the best. I was surprised that the photo wasn’t more blurry. I made some minor adjustments in post processing.

Bascule Bridge


In this photo, I’m standing on the bascule bridge in Smiths Falls, Ontario. It was constructed in 1913 to carry rail traffic over the Rideau Canal. You have to watch your footing as some of the wood is rotten, but otherwise, a great historical site to visit.

North view


I took the gondola to the top of Mont Tremblant. They had chairs set out near the ski lifts. This is the north view of the mountain. I’d still sit in those chairs in the winter.



I saw this rusted carabiner while walking around in Mont Tremblant, Quebec. Thought I’d photograph it for fun!



Outdoor yoga during the Wanderlust event in Mont Tremblant, Quebec.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Fray


Frayed material around window frames seen at a local barn in Chesterville, Ontario.

Birds at the beach


Aside from the birds and geese, the beach was vacant. These three just happened to line up…well almost. The photo was taken in Iroquois, Ontario.

Just passing through


Here is the Isolda, Polsteam ship going through the Seaway Valley docks in Iroquois, Ontario.