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Rocky Mountains


Driving through the Canadian Rockies…spectacular!

Liebster Award!!


A big thank you to Emi for nominating me!! Check out his blog at

Rules of this award:

1-Post 11 random things about myself.

2-Answer 11 questions from the person who nominated me.

3-Post 11 questions to those bloggers I nominate.

4-Nominate 11 bloggers and let them know I have done so.

11 Random things about myself

At some point random things about myself are no longer random. Pieced together, they define who I am. Here are some ‘random things’ about this current moment…

As I write this, I’m sitting in my office having breakfast…one of my favorites, toast with almond butter and a cup of coffee, black. Sally, one of my cats, is sitting on a chair behind me. For such a tiny cat, she snores so loudly! My music player is on pause. I was listening to Nirvana’s rendition of ‘The man who sold the world’. The first time I ever heard a Nirvana song was at a spaghetti wrestling party in early 90s, and no, I wasn’t a participant! The weather outside today is a little too creepy for my taste. The skies are grey and the wind gusts are very strong at about 70 km/hr. I don’t like the rattling sound that it makes as it hits the roof of my house. Plans for today? Well, I might go outside this afternoon to take some photos, but may choose to stay in to assemble a dresser.

Well enough ‘random things’ said for now….

Answer 11 questions from the person who nominated me

1-What is your work profession?

I am a registered nurse.

2-What country are you from?

I am from Canada.

3-What do you love most?

Common courtesy.

4-What do you hate most?

Narrow mindedness.

5-What’s your next important goal in life?

Sticking to one goal, lol!

6-What do you think about the world today?

More aware, but less affected.

7-If a street photographer takes a photograph of you in a public place, without your knowledge, and then 10 years later you visit a museum of contemporary art and-surprise!-find your photograph in an exhibition, what would your reaction be like?

First I’d say, ‘Is that me?’, then I’d say, ‘I looked so young!’ Lol!

8-If you have seen the ’60 movie ‘The Time Machine’ (bases on H.G.Wells’ novel) which 3 books would you have taken back with you to the far future to help rebuild civilization, and what’s the specific reason for each book?

Sorry, I have not seen the movie, nor read the book.

9-What’s your favorite drink?


10-If you could be someone else, who would you be?

Being me is enough.

11-What’s your favorite quote (famous or not)?

‘No one can make you feel inferior without your consent’ by Eleanor Roosevelt

11 new questions to the bloggers I nominated

1-What is the first song you remember hearing?

2-What is the first movie you remember watching?

3-What is the first book you remember reading?

4-What is the first food you remember disliking?

5-What is your favorite holiday to celebrate?

6-What is your favorite isle in the grocery store?

7-Which season is your favorite?

8-What is your favorite sport to watch or play?

9-What is your favorite saying, idiom, expression?

10-What is your favorite quality in people?

11-Who is your favorite superhero?

Nominate 11 bloggers












My street…


My house is surrounded by open fields. On a recent rainy and misty winter day, this house was the view from my front porch.

Misty waters

Misty waters

A photo from a long time ago…Nova Scotia in 2006.

Local barn

Local barn

I live in the Canadian countryside. This time of year, there are not too many people walking on the streets. So, my mission of finding great subjects for street photography is limited. I did come across this old barn. It’s falling apart. I’m sure it once stood proud, but now it holds a history that is a mystery to me.