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Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections


Brrr…it’s cold outside!

Digital art…River Reflections

A view from my yard. A quiet river, perfect for kayaking! Photo edited using Corel and Adobe.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Thankful

I’m thankful for all my senses. I’m thankful for the softness of my dogs fur under my fingers. I’m thankful for the taste of sweet treats. I’m thankful for the ocean, for the sound of the waves and the taste of salt in the air. I’m thankful for the scent of flowers, and the smell of evergreens during the holidays. I’m thankful to be able to see the majestic mountains, and all the wonderful landscape that surrounds me. I’m thankful.


This photo was taken years ago now. It was early fall and I was driving across Canada, from Ontario to British Columbia. I didn’t expect the snow at all. It came and went so quickly, but was there long enough for this photo to be taken.

Empty nest

When all the leaves have fallen, empty nests are revealed.

By the ocean

Taken many years ago during a trip to Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Green


So many choices!! The first photo that came to mind was my cat Sally with her green eyes! Then, my green muck boots. Very important in the country! I had to add a digital art photography of a green plant in my yard. I still don’t know what type of plant this is. I’m told that it’s too big to be Lily of the Valley. Then, there’s a green flower pot that I had left outside, and, if you look closely, you’ll see some green foliage and the green garage roof. I had to add Bunny with her green cat toy! Lastly, lots of green grass because I miss it and can’t wait for spring.

Now this may not be a photo, but those who follow my blog know that I can easily get songs stuck in my head! Any idea how many got in there when I heard ‘Green’ as a topic!! I’ll share one…Green Tambourine by The Lemon Pipers!

Frosty foliage

Outside of my house, things have gone a little bit brr!

Nearly naked

One of my favorite trees in the yard. Birds have a penchant for it too! Granted the bird feeder probably helps with that!


Just outside my front door, this light is on.