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City pathway

Along the forest path

This old tree

Silencing me

There once was a man
With a devil in his hand
He’d kiss his child goodnight
Then wrap her in a rubber band

He’d wake her in the morning
And slap the elastic on her face
Seems like every single day
This girl would feel out of place

Now if what I say is true
Then I deserve a small token
For words, dreams and nightmares
That this child has never spoken

Now here is the man
With the devil in his hand
He gave me my small token
Then wrapped my tongue
In rubber band

Written in the summer of 1998


Road to somewhere

Merrickville, Ontario

This was taken this July, near the Merrickville Locks.


Like an uneducated clown
I live the day misbehaving
Always waking up in a new part of town
And greeting my world in a rushing daze
I clumsily gamble my life away
And barely survive this dark comedy
I’ve dealt some mistakes away
But the shame still haunts me
I scream louder and louder
But the world always drowns me
I throw my strength in punches
But the power always defeats me
I’m unworthy of forgiven confessions
My dignity drowns in humiliation
Desperately I search for new aspirations
Forgiveness grows in the smallest of wombs
Still the world thought me appalling
Since I’m a woman, a weakling
Who once screamed louder and louder
But the world just drowned me
I threw my strength in punches
Until the power defeated me

Written in 1999.

Museum window

Photo taken in Merrickville, Ontario, July 2012.


Les bruits écho du tonnère envahissaient le vaste atmosphere gris
Comme les crescendo des orchestres les plus raffinées
Les coups d’éclair zigzaguée frappaient les grands monuments de bois
Et laissaient tomber quelques branches sur le sol mouillé

La pluis froide fit une grande chaîne de cercle vicieux
Elle troua le sable fin de ma carrière…
Une avalanche d’eau transforme mon château en taudis

Les clous d’eau tombèrent toujours
Fouttèrent ma fenêtre et y brisèrent un carreau
La glace tomba sur mon plancher de ciment
Et produisit un son aiguë et court…

Les nuages gris rôdaient toujours dans le ciel
De nouveau, les bruits écho du tonnère envahièrent le ciel
Et les coups d’éclair frappèrent les grands monuments de bois

Le deluge commença…

Written in 1987.