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I see you out there
Paralyzed, immobilized
On the street corner
Under flashing bright lights
I capture your portrait
Your image, your signs
Changing in shape and size
I feel your paws gliding
On the greyish cracked cement
It’s a hot night in the city
Steam and sweat everywhere
You never stop
One’s screaming, one’s crying
One’s dying
Still, there you are, grin on your face
Evil in your eyes
Walking in that catlike manner
You’re everywhere on the street
The city stars can never touch you
Can never catch you
You always jump over the fence and get away
But I sense you now
Tension rising
I feel your body shake
I see your burning eyes
You stand in front of me
Saying you won’t hurt me

I wrote this in 1987, exact date unknown.

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  1. L.L. (aka le soon) #

    Wow Mimi ! Je ne savais pas que tu composais des poemes. Celle la c’est vraiment excellent et bien écris.

    July 1, 2012

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