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In the beginning…poetry

A few weeks ago, I rediscovered one of my favorite movies, Times Square (1980). I was in my early pre teens when I saw it…I’d say around 12 years old. There’s a poem that one of the character writes:

“Tiny fossil bones
Translucent skin
Million year old eyes
Dinosaur, you don’t belong here
They’ll kill you for your tiny tusks
But, your ribs are my ladder Nicki
I’m so amazed, I’m so amazed.”

That was the first time that poetry meant something to me. I remember writing my first poem. It was quite the production really. I took a lawn chair…remember the ones made of plastic tubing…lol…and set out to sit in the woods in front of my house. I had this tiny diary. The cover was a blue paisley print. I didn’t keep the poem. I think I wrote about the trees, clouds, not quite sure. Regardless, I’ve been writing poetry since, and this time, kept them!

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