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Tonight’s moon


Usually, when I take a photo of the moon, it comes out as a bright haloed white circle, which, can be lovely, but I had taken enough of those photos. Tonight, I finally got the settings the way I wanted them!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Rare

Carrots Rare

I pulled these two out of my garden today, intertwined carrots.

Moonlit night

Moonlight Night

A case of extreme post processing for the fun of it. 🙂

Weekly Photo Challenge: Morning

Morning Morning

Honestly, there are mornings where my face looks similar to this. 🙂

Curving Fence

Curving Fence

Seen along a path in Ottawa, Ontario.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Numbers

Weekly Photo Challenge: Numbers

Weekly Photo Challenge: Numbers


I just happened to be taking photos of mailboxes the other day. When I saw this weeks challenge, I thought, how serendipitous!

Motorcycle Ride for Dad

I had read in the local paper that 3500 motorcyclist were going to be riding through. There were folks on the side of the road, ready to wave and show their support. These photos were taken at the Iroquois Locks.

The mission of the Ride for Dad is to raise funds for prostate cancer research. More information can be obtained on their website,



Photo taken at the Aquatarium in Brockville, Ontario. There are no filters, no post processing. I just liked the colours as they were.


I took this photo while sitting in my car waiting for the train to go by. In the original photo, you could see my car mirror. I removed it using Photoshop, then used Pixlr to add masks and filters.

Turkey Vulture

Turkey Vulture

Turkey Vulture

Yesterday, I was driving along my road when I came across a turkey vulture with his meal. When my car approached, it jumped on the nearest post. I happened to have my telephoto lens with me. I just had enough time to scramble to take the camera out, take a few shots, and then it flew away.